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A slug is a URL component that occurs after the domain name to indicate the page of a website we are on.

The page slug is "en/text-to-slug" in this link: https://allaitools.com/en/text-to-slug. We're utilizing the format where everything is lowercase and spaces are separated by a dash. In this manner, both people and (Google) machines can read the slug. If we merely have a title with spaces, the browser may encode the URL and convert the spaces to "% 20." You'll wind up having something like "Instagram percent 20Comment percent 20Picker percent 20tool," which will be difficult for folks to read or remember. Slugifying your URLs is important for SEO and Google because it creates SEO-friendly URLs that they comprehend.



An online slug generator, often known as a slugify text tool, is a program that converts the text, strings, or titles into slugs. The slug generator may generate SEO-friendly URLs as well as human-readable links.


In these stages, we'll make a slug:

  • Replacing special characters with words, for example, $ with dollar.

  • The following characters have been removed from the text: !"#$ percentage &'()*+,./:;=>?@[] '|.

  • The text should be lowercase.

  • Using a dash to replace gaps (-).

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving our online slug generator or if you have any problems with it.


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